China Haute Couture Week – April 2016

China’s Haute Couture Week (April 15-21) was opened with a fashion designer showcase hosted by Shanghai New Couture Association and featured Paloma Sanchez as the sole foreign fashion designer. Paloma Sanchez, a Beijing-based bespoke jewelry designer, is also a founding member and management committee member of the Shanghai New Couture Association.

Shanghai Couture Week 2016

The Shanghai New Couture Association created an opening show “Zhong Guo Ding Zhi San Cheng Ji” in collaboration with design industry leaders Shanghai, Beijing and Paris. It showcased a fresh collaboration of eastern aesthetics and innovation with global fashion, employing only the finest quality materials. The exhibition reflects the craftsmanship and production of Chinese custom design in its golden age. 


The opening VIP event took place on April 21, 2016, in Shanghai 22 Wai Tan. Eight individual designers were invited to showcase a selection of high fashion, jewelry, and furniture. Designers included Chu Yan, Chen Ye Huai, Zhou Zhu Guang, Huang Xu, Zhang Zhi Feng, Liu Qiong Ying, Paloma Sanchez was the only foreign designer to participate in this event. 

In 2016, Paloma Sanchez was selected as a founding member of the new China Haute Couture Association with the mission of promoting Chinese haute couture. She joins the 14-member Managing Committee, and is their sole expatriate member. With Yue-Cai Yue Kan, Emmy-winning director and “godmother” to the fashion industry, and Joe Ouaknine, CEO of Titan Industries.

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