Colors of Nature Exhibit – June 2016

In an elegant Qing Dynasty courtyard in the Forbidden City, a new and modern treasure was on display. Beautiful and modern Paloma Sanchez jewelry designs were interpreted into her very own watercolor drawings that were prominently featured for the first time at the “Colors of Nature”, a multi-media exhibit.   


With string quartet music in the background, invited guests and members of the press strolled around the ancient courtyard and the hall, viewing artwork while enjoying delicate hors d’oeuvres. Dating back to the Qing dynasty, the former imperial temple, one of three in the Forbidden City, now is the headquarters of The Western Returned Scholars Association of China. The building and courtyard are decorated in symbolic motifs from the imperial era and offer glimpses of gold at every turn. It is located at 南沿河111号(nán hé yàn dà jiè no. 111)  in Beijing, and held the exhibit, open to the public June 11-13.  

Paloma Sanchez showcased her watercolor drawings at the “Color of Nature” exhibit to support the first-time viewing of emerging artists Jade Lize and Jenny Dong who presented their photographs and oil paintings.

The “Colors of Nature” exhibit represents a first for Paloma Sanchez, as her jewelry designs were re-interpreted through her delicate watercolor drawings, thereby transforming her jewelry into a new art form. These watercolors crystallize the moment of creation, her initial design conceptualization. The delicate brushstrokes and translucence of her watercolor drawings enable her collectors and fans to appreciate her jewelry, and the art of design, from a different perspective.  

Lapis Lazuli Bracelet
Emerald Necklace
Specimen tanzanite necklace with diamonds
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