“Infinite Wisdom” Bracelet

Old Tibet iron key, 24k gold, engraved Tibet letters

Engraving: “ས་ཉམས་  ་  ढ་ण་  ་  ས་ऱབ་  ་  ་  ་  ་བ  ་लམ་གག་  ་  ་  ढ།”  

“Open the door of wisdom, practice Buddhism will help you to find your way forward.”  The old Tibet labyrinth lock is a very unique antique to collect. Every lock and key is different, yet a master work of design, a fact which can amaze many Chinese and foreign designers. Ancient Tibetan locksmiths created simple yet very dynamic designs. Paloma gave new life to this key by creating a bracelet with a squared top and round cuff, alluding to the ancient Chinese saying that “the sky is round and the earth is square”, a nod to infinite world and endless wisdom within.