"I begin not with design but with the hunt for exquisite, museum quality stones from all over the globe."

My name is Paloma Sanchez. I am a Gemological Institute of America (GIA-accredited) Gemologist and Jewelry Designer who starts in the mines and countries where spectacular gemstones are created by Mother Nature.  I consider each stone I select to be unique, and I create a one-of-a-kind jewelry to showcase its individual personality.


Design Philosophy

I have a profound love and respect for precious stones. Their very name “precious” relates to how they slowly grow only under specific heat and pressure parameters to become individuals unto themselves. It is this unique path in which their atoms align to give them their own fantastic beauty, light, and shape that I strive to capture in my jewelry. If each stone has already made a great journey to discover itself, I only want to enhance it as a unique piece of art, using fine metals to accentuate and support it. 

I look for specimen-quality and exquisite stones all over the world. I select a stone for its purity, saturation of color, and unique growth formation. I never expect to find the same stone twice. And I never will create the same piece. Each is as one of a kind as was its journey into a unique stone.

My Story


I likewise have a profound love and respect for my father, and that is why my personal journey began with law school. I had passed both Spanish and French university entry exams in my hometown of Madrid, Spain, and to meet my father’s expectations, I earned a law degree. Only then did my father permit me to resume my journey toward creating jewelry from precious stones.

I went on to earn my degree as a Graduate Gemologist and Jewelry Designer from the world-renowned Gemological Institute of America, in Los Angeles, California. In the following years, I immersed myself in both retail and the business of global luxury brands, including Carrera y Carrera, Hublot, Cuervo & Sobrinos, and Patek Philippe.

Now in Beijing since 2006, I am devoted full-time to searching for the loveliest stones from around the world, and then honoring their uniqueness with exquisite design.

Gem Hunting

Paloma Sanchez Jewelry

My travels for unique stones have taken me to the mines of Montana and Arizona in the U.S., to Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Morocco, Ethiopia, Tanzania, China, and Madagascar, among others. I have dear colleagues in each country, and we go to specific mines, as they each have a unique geological heritage that yields stones of their own quality and character. Sometimes the stones’ natural rough form is breathtaking enough to showcase with little interpretation, while others can be polished to reveal their fierce inner lights. It is this inner brilliance that I love to capture in my jewelry.

It delights me to see women – and men - of individual character wear my unique creations. My personal view is that jewelry should be as precious and as one-of-a-kind as they are.

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