Age of Glory Collection

Debut: Beijing, December 2015

Paloma, in collaboration with Duoyu, launched the “Age of Glory” jewelry collection, juxtaposing beautiful Tibetan antiques with exquisite jewelry design into 10 exceptional pieces of jewelry that took her a year to complete.

“Age of Glory” collection is part of Duoyu’s Nirvana Project which has the goal of showcasing the originality and beauty of antiques within world-class jewelry design.

With Paloma’s liberal use of gold in every piece, her collection is given the name “Age of Glory.” All over the world for centuries, gold has been used as currency, treasure, and as jewelry because gold is stable and never loses its color or value. Gold is the symbol of satisfaction, luxury, glory and magnificence. It is also the first of the seven treasures of Buddhism. As gold is also a common element in both east and west cultures, it serves as the
perfect “bridge” between western jewelry design and gemstones and Tibetan antiques.

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