Terms of Service

Paloma Sanchez hand selects each individual stone and creates one-of- a-kind jewelry that is very difficult to replace. Please also note that stones, despite their seemingly indestructible nature, can crack or chip with a small accident or strenuous wear. Even a diamond, one of the hardest known natural materials on earth, may chip or even shatter due to a sharp blow in the right direction. For these reasons, we ask for your understanding and compliance with the following Paloma Sanchez Jewelry policies on returns and repairs.



The utmost care is given to each customer when handling and trying on Paloma Sanchez jewelry in the store. Sales staff will ask customers to handle only one piece at a time and return it to the tray. If the customer drops or otherwise causes the piece to break, Paloma Sanchez Jewelry staff, upon consideration, has the right to ask for full payment.


1. In-store purchases may be returned for exchange or store credit within 30 days. Sorry, no refunds.] Web-purchased item(s) may be returned for exchange or store credit within 30 days (excluding shipping charges). Customer is responsible for return shipping charges and insurance. Store credit is non-expiring and may be used toward future purchases through our web site or any of our stores.

2. Returned items must be in original, undamaged condition and must be accompanied by the original receipt and original gift box.

3. A service charge will apply to any item that was sized or altered to the customer's specifications.

4. There are no returns or exchanges on any custom-made or specially ordered item.


The best way to safeguard against any potential problems to your one-of- a-kind Paloma Sanchez jewelry is to regularly examine and maintain the piece, and to follow exactly the care guidelines for your particular stones and precious metals. All maintenance repair for routine wear and tear is at the customer’s expense.

Paloma Sanchez Jewelry will repair defects in workmanship for free, UNLESS:

1. Damage to your jewelry purchase is caused by negligence or abuse. For example, if a stone is lost due to bent, damaged, or worn-out prongs, Paloma Sanchez Jewelry is not responsible for the replacement of the stone or the re-tipping of the prongs. If the piece was dropped or otherwise accidentally damaged, Paloma Sanchez Jewelry is not responsible.

2. If another jeweler performs any repair work on an item. Paloma Sanchez Jewelry’s workmanship warranty becomes null and void.

3. The loss of the center stone is not covered under the lifetime warranty. Such a loss may be covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy.


Surprisingly enough, most of your treasured Paloma Sanchez Jewelry pieces can be made to look the way they did the day they were originally purchased. Precious metals can be refinished and polished to their original luster, most gemstones can be re-cut or re-polished to their original brilliance, as well as secured by needed prong work or head replacement. Not only will you enjoy their newfound beauty, you’ll once again feel confident in everyday wear. Paloma Sanchez Jewelry offers a wide array of repairs such as: stone setting, pave replacement, prong work, and clasp replacement, all at competitive prices.