Jazz – 2016 Men’s Collection

Debut: Beijing, November 28, 2016

The Jazz Collection features 25 one-of-a-kind and limited edition handcrafted pieces including cufflinks, pendants, belts and rings for men. Each piece expresses a confident symphony of luxe materials such as black jade, hematite, titanium, 22k gold and precious gemstones.  All pieces were designed by Paloma, and cut and polished by an internationally-renowned gem cutter based in the U.S.

The Jazz Collection appeals to men who are both bold and appreciative of refined beauty. In each piece, there is an interplay between strong specimen gemstones and the delicate precision of details such as textured gold, titanium borders or gold bevels. The quiet strength of black jade and hematite are countered by the spark of the gold or the flashing of rutilated quartz. Indeed, these pieces crackle with boldness yet appear smart and tailored for both everyday and special occasion wear.