Africa-China Collection 2011

In December 2011, Paloma Sanchez introduced a spectacular jewelry collection that innovatively juxtaposes gemstones from Africa and from China. Paloma Sanchez’s pieces illuminate the truth in each gemstone’s geographic signature. By fusing the raw beauty unique to China and to Africa’s gemstones, she has created jewelry that genuinely  bridges  two lands. The result is one-of-a-kind pieces found nowhere else on this earth. As a gemologist and adventurer, Paloma Sanchez traveled to search for the world’s best quality gemstones in Africa and within China. Azurite from Morocco; aquamarine, pink sapphires and tourmalines from Madagascar; opals from Ethiopia; black tourmaline with aquamarine from Namibia; malachite from Congo; and diamonds from Lesotho are combined with jade, pearl, tektite and fluorite from China. All pieces are handcrafted by Chinese artisans here in Beijing.

Paloma Sanchez