Huntress Collection - Toronto Fashion Week – Nov 2014

Paloma Sanchez was invited by the producers of the Travel Channel show The Gem Hunter to showcase some of her unique pieces in The Huntress Collection at the 2014 Fashion Week held in Toronto, Canada. As a GIA Gemologist and jewelry designer renowned for her gem-hunting trips, Paloma Sanchez was the first gem huntress to present.

The theme of the Huntress Collection drew on the mythological Diana – the daughter of Jupiter and Latona, and twin sister to Apollo – who was the goddess of wild animals and the hunt.

There were 15 Paloma Sanchez pieces in the show. The audience were transfixed by the parade of huntresses sporting necklaces, earrings, cuffs and even clutches and handbags. The grand finale of the show saw Suits leading actress Gina Torres striding out with two Irish Wolfhounds by her sides. Around her neck was Paloma’s splash copper necklace, a strong piece for the dazzling Queen of The Huntress Show.

From left to right, the pieces above are:

  • Baroque pearl necklace with old red coral piece from the Mediterranean, set in 18k gold with diamonds.
  • Necklace formed from a piece of charoite from Russia fixed in a latticework of 18k gold, embedded with emeralds and diamonds.
  • Necklace made of splash copper from Michigan in ‘brushed’ 925 silver.

From left to right, the pieces above are:

  • Necklace of roman glass (2,000+ years old) from Afghanistan, set in 18k gold, with a hanging navette-cut imperial topaz from Brazil.
  • Necklace of cobalto calcite from Brazil, pearls from Tahiti, and diamonds, set in 18k gold.
  • Necklace made from naturally sculpted copper from Michigan. The whimsical, flowing copper has been plated in 18k white gold.
Paloma Sanchez