The journey to create unique expressions from one-of-a-kind stones

Paloma Sanchez stands apart from other jewelry designers. She is a G.I.A (Gemological Institute of America) Gemologist and Jewelry Designer who journeys worldwide for the finest gemstones so that she may capture their individual quality and personality in her designs.

Paloma Sanchez Gem Hunter

Paloma travels to search for the world’s best quality gemstones...tanzanites from Tanzania, pink sapphires and tourmalines from Madagascar, opals from Ethiopia, emeralds from Colombia, among many others. Paloma knows each country, each mine, has a unique geological heritage, and yields stones of their own quality and character.

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Paloma Sanchez GIA Gemologist

Paloma selects a stone for its purity, saturation of color, and unique growth formation. She selects only authentic, high-quality stones, often considered collector specimen or museum-quality.

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Paloma Sanchez Jewelry Designer

Paloma Sanchez designs jewelry that innovatively juxtaposes the world’s finest stones with organic design. By infusing the raw beauty unique to each gemstone, she creates one-of-a-kind pieces found nowhere else on this earth.

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A Rare Insider's View into the Sri Lanka Sapphire Business 

I've just come back from another trip to Sri Lanka, spending weeks with my good friend Aly Farook, his family, and his vast network of connections

With Aly, I was able to go deep into Ratnapura, home of Sri Lanka’s sapphires and tea leaves, to visit the ground pit mines as well as a form of riverbed mining that was new to me. I also had the privilege of meeting industry and government officials, and the big bosses in the industry who live quietly beside their mines. My son Pablo even had the chance to become Aly’s “adopted son” and take a short apprenticeship along with Aly’s own son to learn how to cut sapphires.




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